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Web development

Procredit Bank

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Web development

Web site


Interactive website

Our team developed an adaptive website for the needs of Procredit Bank Bulgaria and Greece. The site offers personalized content based on user behavior and search, and multiple functionalities for banking products, such as a loan calculator, interest calculators and others.

Project management

Coordinating functionalities for two different markets

Our experts design and develop a web platform that functions in Bulgaria and Greece at the same time. For us, the different requirements of the markets and the specifics in the cultural and linguistic guidelines are not a problem.


Style from a new generation

Our designers developed stylish website designs in full sync with corporate requirements, current marketing campaigns and always in line with UI/UX best practices.


Safety first

The system is developed with PHP and is integrated with the internal banking system. Our specialists apply the best practices in the field of security and the code successfully passes regular security tests (Penetration Test) conducted by an independent analyst.


Keep up with the latest improvements

Our team keeps the system up and running by performing technical control, update of the environments and libraries, continuous testing and improvement.

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