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Our internship programs

Career launch

The path from intern to employee

Seniority assessment

Our trainees take entrance tests in the relevant technologies. The aim is to clearly identify knowledge gaps so that an individual learning plan can be defined that covers only the necessary topics.

Specially developed learning materials

Our learning materials are created by us, based on our experience, best practices and knowledge. They are available in a specially designed online platform through which you can track your progress.

Personal approach

Each intern is trained by an experienced mentor who modify the learning process according to the intern's personality, speed of learning and base knowledge.

Trainings as close to reality as possible

Trainees work on real practical tasks that have already been deployed for the customers. The purpose is to have as much as possible real circumstances.

Monthly reviews

At the beginning of every month, we meet with our employees and discuss with them everything important, including the interns.

Growth by results

6 months or 6 years, it doesn't matter! What is important is what you can do and what results you achieve.


After successful completion of the internship programs, we issue official diplomas for professional qualification from the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Some of our trainees

From interns to professionals

Our colleagues

I like working at Pytek,

because the environment is extremely conducive and conducive to work. The opportunity for development is as great as the desire, and with us all people have incredible drive. Pytek is where I built my career and got my exposure to the professional tech world.

Martin Stoyanov

Senior Python Developer

I have the pleasure to at Pytek

in a friendly environment where I get support and learn something new every day. Here I successfully had the opportunity to develop, starting my career as an intern, today I am already a python developer and mentor of interns. If you are willing to dream, you can achieve anything.

Maksiliya Ivanova

Senior Python Developer

To me, Pytek is more than a company.

This is one big family where everyone is ready to help and build our future together. The cohesion of the teams over the years has allowed us to overcome all obstacles.

Viktor Angelov

Senior Python Developer

My career path started as an intern at Pytek,

over time, I realized that the internship position was only the first step on my career path. Pytek as an employer provided me with countless opportunities for career development and participation in innovative projects that drew me to greater responsibilities and achievements. The working environment has always been a leading factor for me, in the office I can immerse myself in work, but also enjoy the pleasant atmosphere that fuels my motivation, as there is an understanding between all colleagues and, frankly, there is no teasing (as strange as it may be sounds). As an intern at Pytek, I experienced an exciting adventure that inspired me to pursue my professional goals in the field of programming and now in management.

Martin Lazarov

Senior Frontend Developer

Pytek предлага чудесна атмосфера за работа

with great colleagues, honest and open communication with management, trust, there is always someone to lend a hand and help - even for problems not directly related to work. The fact that everyone can share their opinion and ideas and they are taken seriously and with respect is also very important to me. The company always supports my desire to develop and supports it - as professional skills and knowledge, part of the training team, as a team leader.

Tsvetomira Galcheva

Senior PHP Developer

From my first day at Pytek,

I felt valued and accepted by the team, as if we had known each other for years. I believe that here every idea I have is heard and the company constantly strives to offer ways of development for its employees. All this inspires me to give my best because I know there is someone who appreciates it.

Tsvetomir Todorov

Senior PHP Developer

When I started as an inter

at Pytek, I never imagined that I would rise to the position of team leader. Thanks to the opportunities and support provided by the company, I was able to develop my skills and knowledge. The people in the company are not only talented and ambitious, but also positive and responsive. This makes me go to work every day with a smile and give my best.

Elizabeth Ivanova

Senior Designer

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