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Centralized web platform for managing the corporate web pages of Electrohold Bulgaria

Electrohold Bulgaria entrusted us with the development of a web platform, to manage all the company's corporate web pages, during its transition period from CEZ. Our team fully developed the project from requirements extraction to the deployment and subsequent support.


From the idea to the reality

Experienced professionals from our team extracted all the requirements for the project, combining the needs of several subsidiaries of the holding. The system is designed to work with a centralized administrative panel and shared functionalities between individual web pages, ensuring high efficiency and convenience.


Corporate identity at a new level

Our designers worked together with the Electrohold team to achieve a complete symbiosis between the requirements of the individual companies, the client's newly created brand and UI/UX best practices.


Admin panel and next-generation features

The system allows the management of 7 web pages through a single administrative panel, the possibility to change the templates of the public part through the implementation of dynamic sections, and full management of the content, users and behaviour of the system.


Keep up with the latest improvements

Our team keeps the system up and running by performing technical control, update of the environments and libraries, continuous testing and improvement.

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