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Web development

Bulgarian National Audit Office

Project type

Web development

Web site


Public website and internal information system

Our team developed an interactive public website for the needs of the Bulgarian National Audit Office, as well as an internally accessible information system.

Project management

From the idea to the reality

Experienced professionals from our team synthesized the requirements of various experts, legal regulations and administrative procedures.


Accessibility or style? Both!

Our designers have developed a stylish design that not only impresses users but also meets the WCAG accessibility standard through which people with disabilities can use the web page fully and effectively.


Admin panel and next-generation features

The system was developed with Python and is characterized by high performance, easy maintenance and the possibility of development and subsequent addition of functionalities.


Keep up with the latest improvements

Our team keeps the system up and running by performing technical control, update of the environments and libraries, continuous testing and improvement.

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